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* RON CENTENARIO Anejo Especial is undoubtedly the result of the most sublime spirit of the oak. A careful selection of barrels and the exquisite blend of aged rums, give it that grand body, texture and color that every connoisseur of good rum prefers. Ron * RON CENTENARIO 7 is well known for its versatility. It is a perfect spirit for a social and relaxed atmosphere.
Men and women 25 and over who like to show self confidence and success while enjoying sharing those special moments with their closest friends. Available size: 750ML 

* RON CENTENARIO Conmemorativo comes from a special reserve of rums aged in oak barrels distinguished for its fine aroma and elegant flavor giving * RON CENTENARIO Conmemorativo a unique character * RON CENTENARIO 9 is a product that highlights the person who drinks it.
Consumer Aimed towards young adults, 35 and older with a superior and well defined taste for outstanding aged rum; a rum connoisseur.

Newly Acquired Products


* Khukari rum
from Nepal

* A Media Luz~